About Natashia

*Trabajo con clientes en Inglés, Español y Portugués (Brasil)

My drive as a therapist comes from my own place of birth and acceptance within myself. I have been working with women, couples and families for 25+ years as a counselor focusing on supporting: individuals, couples and families.

Niche areas of expertise are in working on intimacy and bonding within oneself and with couples in long term relationships; birth and trauma counseling; working on processing and empowerment building with survivors of sexual abuse; family therapy on increasing communication around issues related to healthy relationships, parenting and sexuality.

My multi-cultural background spans Europe, South and North America. I am first generation American and grew up speaking Portuguese, Spanish and English.  My language capacity and my experience in working as a multi-cultural therapist greatly informs my work in understanding my clients and how their own family lineage affects their style of communication and internalized sense of intimacy.