• Are you in consistent communication with your partner on family related issues, yet finding yourself missing your lover and confidant?
  • Are you struggling with how to relate to yourself and/or your body, in a compassionate way?
  • Are you a high functioning/producing kind of person who is having a hard time in a transition, not knowing how to “fix” it or just “be present” in it?

While always having been high functioning, I felt isolated…I had no idea how to engage with my inner-self, with comfort and compassion. Through my healing journey I learned to feel my insides, rather than setting myself aside or relying on other people’s judgement of me. This path informs my ability to understand my clients.  I will work with you on deepening your awareness of your internal experience and your intimate connection with others.
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*Trabajo con clientes en Inglés, Español y Portugués (Brasil)